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Reno ([personal profile] reno4prez) wrote2019-02-23 03:35 pm
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Voicemail [Open Post]

Heyyyy it's Reno. I'm not pickin' up right now, probably 'cause I'm out gettin' laid 'cause I'm more popular than you. Especially if you're Tseng.

Leave me a message, bitch.


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floweroftheslums: (Solo: I think you're full of crap!)

[personal profile] floweroftheslums 2017-03-31 09:19 am (UTC)(link)
Don't be like what? Mad that you basically ate my mom's pet? Sorry, too late for that.

And don't call me babe. It's gross.
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[personal profile] floweroftheslums 2017-03-31 09:37 am (UTC)(link)
Well, it would go a long way into making sure Mom doesn't hate you.

But you're on your own convincing her to let you in the door to even give it to her.
floweroftheslums: (Solo: Head Tilt)

[personal profile] floweroftheslums 2017-03-31 09:52 am (UTC)(link)
Uh huh. She's calling you "That Redheaded Monster" right now.

Better get to work.