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Reno ([personal profile] reno4prez) wrote2019-02-23 03:35 pm
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Voicemail [Open Post]

Heyyyy it's Reno. I'm not pickin' up right now, probably 'cause I'm out gettin' laid 'cause I'm more popular than you. Especially if you're Tseng.

Leave me a message, bitch.


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[personal profile] bare_knuckled 2017-04-05 06:57 am (UTC)(link)
[ Rude chuckles as he watches Reno send the spit down towards the poor unsuspecting people below them. Then he nods, once. Yeah, Tifa is still ignoring him when she isn't busy handing him his ass. Which he'd be a lot more into if it wasn't so obviously not going anywhere.]

We got another hour of the shift left. But at least it isn't far back to get changed. And it isn't just tits, pretty much anything you might want from what I hear.